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Extra Curriculars

Enrichment Programs

Before- and after-school programs provide a safe, fun environment for all students to participate in academic, leisure and recreational activities outside of the traditional school day. Students are exposed to a variety of experiences including sports, literacy, and technology.

There are several benefits to students joining a before- and after- school program. Students who participate in these programs are more likely to have increased academic performance, improved attendance and be more excited to learn and achieve.

Previous enrichment programs at APMA have included:
  • 2 Fast 2 Bad-minton
  • Ambassadors Club
  • Animenia!
  • APTP Drama Club
  • Art Club
  • Ball So Hard
  • Board Games!
  • Bulldog Support
  • Ceramics and Pottery Club
  • Comics Three Ways
  • Computer Lab
  • DBT Engineer Club
  • DJ Club
  • French Culture Club
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Girl Power!
  • Japanese Culture Club
  • Leading Ladies
  • Math Club
  • Movie Stars
  • Page to Stage
  • Photography Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Ready for Robotics?
  • Reptiles and Robotics!
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sign Language Class
  • Snacks
  • Wake Up and Let's Dance!
  • We are Ready
  • Young Warriors Yoga
  • ​and so much more!